Of Death and Drama

Death came recently, in the form of mangled metal and a twisted surprise.

 Hey,  remember me. I was here for your cousin last. I was silent then, I even took his voice then put him to sleep. He couldn’t even explain how he felt.

I could only see it in his eyes, the pain, the questions, the regrets, the growing distance. But,  how do you pull back a spirit, jump start a soul. 

You only see when I bring an end. You don’t even see when I put things in motion. Maybe in retrospect, but what good is it then? It brings no comfort. You are all stuck in your lives, hardly ever thinking of me. When you do, your vain imaginings try to figure how I will come and the amount of pain I’ll bring.

This time around, there was probably loud screeching of tires, hooting, cursing, screaming, crying and bodies thrown about like rag dolls. Another one of us drawn away.No goodbye.

Aren’t goodbyes hard for you anyway?             There are a lot  of ways in which I come, I get very creative with details. You must understand, I will come. I don’t know if I will get you all but this is my job. I don’t expect you to understand, and I’m not capable of making you. We are vastly different you and I although I am a part of you until I come to separate your spirit and body. It is what it is.

As if tears of pain, unbelief are not enough. Drama makes an entrance. A broken family is forced to mourn together and someone finds a default audience. 

Ah, the multitude of eyes and ears give me wings. I care not if it’s appropriate or not. That is not my business. My business is to flourish like a bully when there are too many eyes to see. I become bolder and reckless. What does it matter that I add to your distress. I. Don’t. Care. It’s not in my nature to. There is always a willing vessel who’s been dragging their overly inflated opinions chained to their minds, waiting for a chance to unleash and harm. Pssht, my job is quite easy. Where there is ego, my victory is guaranteed. 

When at last we say our strained goodbyes, we are not just crying over the departed but over New wounds as well as ego strikes. New fissures in the family unit appear and old ones grow deeper. Healing hardly gets a chance to make an appearance as Grace fails to jump from heart to heart. To wide a chasm. 



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